CNC Jig Grinding (O.D./I.D. & Contours) & Surface Grinding

cnc jig grinding

Computer controlled jig grinding to precision tolerances. CNC Jig Grinding

Straton grinds O.D.’s and I.D.’s of bores, journals, actuators, carrier assemblies, shafts, housings, pistons, as well as single point machining of brake flanges. We provide full service management of all processes involved with the repair from N.D.T. to plating.

Die Components:
Grinds, punches, and die cavities to provide close tolerance clearance with excellent ground surface finishes.

Fixtures and Gages:
Positions locating pins, plugs, pockets, etc. within .000090 positioning accuracy.

Mold Cores and Cavities:
Provides excellent size and location for injection molds. Also leaves a 16rms finish which in many cases eliminates the need for polishing.


Spherical Grinding • Taper Grinding • Contour Grinding • Chop Grinding


Jig Grinding

  • 1-Moore Fanuc CP Jig Grinder
  • 4-Moore G-18 CNC Series 1000 Jig Grinding
  • 5-Moore #3 Jig Grinding
  • 3-Moore Ultra-Precise Rotary Table 1 w/Digital Read Out
  • 2-Moore #2 Jig Grinding

Jig Boring

  • 1-Moore Jig Boring Machine #3, Fully Equipped

Surface Grinding

  • 1-CNC Harig Surface Grinder
  • 1-Brown & Sharpe Surface Grinder, 8×18, Hydraulic
  • 3-Taft-Pierce Gage Surface Grinders
  • 4-6×12 Surface Grinders
  • 1-Thompson 6×18 Hydraulic Surface Grinder
  • 1-Thompson 13×34 Hydraulic Surface Grinder
  • 1-8×18 Mitsui Automatic Surface Grinder
  • 1-36″ Blanchard Grinder
  • 1 G&L Hydraulic Surface Grinder 16 x 36
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